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Contents - 52 Sermons by St. John of Shanghai & San Francisco

Selected Sermons of
Saint John
the Wonderworker,
Archbishop of Shanghai
and San Francisco

Troparion, Tone 6.

Glorious apostle to an age of coldness and unbelief invested with the grace-filled power of the saints of old divinely-illumined seer of heavenly mysteries, feeder of orphans, hope of the hopeless, thou didst enkindle on earth the fire of love for Christ upon the dark eve of the day of judgment; pray now that this sacred flame may also rise from our hearts.


Before Lent

01. Zacchaeus.
02. The Parable of the Prodigal Son.

03. On Repentance.
04. The Dread Judgment.

05. The Last Judgement.
06. Cheese Fare Sunday, 1956.
07. Before Lent.


08. Sunday of Orthodoxy, 1954.
09. The Sunday of Orthodoxy.
10. Sunday of Orthodoxy: the Meaning of “Anathema.”
11. 3rd Sunday of Lent: the Cross Preserves the Universe.
12. Good Friday: Why the wise thief was pardoned.


13. Christ is Risen!
14. I Believe in the Resurrection of the Dead.
15. Pascha: In the Beginning was the Word.
16. Pascha!


17. Come, o ye People (Pentecost).
18. On the Day of the Holy Spirit.
19. All Saints of Russia.
20. Feast of All Saints of Russia.
21. Sunday 16. Talents and Iconography.
22. Sunday 28. Homily on the Two Banquets.

Fixed Feasts

23. Theophany (Jan 6/19).
24. Theophany: Holy Water (Jan 6/19).
25. St. Justin Martyr (Jun 1/14).
26. The Nativity of St. John the Baptist (Jun 24/Jul 7).
27. Apostles Peter and Paul (Jun 29/Jul 12).
28. The Tsar-Martyr (July 4/17).
29. The Sin of Regicide (July 4/17).
30. St. Vladimir’s Day Celebration (Jul 15/28).

31. 950-Year Anniversary of the Baptism of Rus’.
32. Saint Seraphim (July 19/Aug 1).
33. The Beheading of St. John the Baptist (Aug 29/Sept 11).
34. The Exaltation of the Cross (Sep 14/27).


35. A Hymn to God.
36. The Church’s Prayer.
37. Humility and Struggle: the Fundamental Virtues.
38. A Word to the Youth.
39. The Canonization of Saints.
40. The Glorification of God-Pleasers.
41. The Church as the Body of Christ.
42. The Spiritual Condition of the Russian People
in the Diaspora.
43. The Russian Diaspora.
44. Will These Human Bones Come to Life?
45. Iconography.
46. The Typicon.
47. The Decline of the Patriarchate of Constantinople.

48. Laboring With Christ

49. Lay not up Treasures on Earth, but in Heaven where Nothing is Lost

50. The Cross, Preserver of the Universe

51. What do we mean by the word ORTHODOX?

52. Life After Death

52 Sermons by St. John of Shanghai & San Francisco